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The ĪTEGRIA® Process

Let ĪTEGRIA help you build a custom technology portfolio for your firm.


Understand business priorities

Registered investment advisors know that effective information technology is critical to business success. Yet many small firms don’t have the resources to devote to a full-time IT staff, or even to a single full-time employee with specialized knowledge of the sector. ĪTEGRIA fills the gap. We are your virtual IT department. We help you set priorities, optimize systems and limit risk. We take the time to fully understand your business, your budget and your expectations. We evaluate your current systems and processes. We recommend ways to align technology with your unique needs.

Identify risks

Many RIAs are unaware of dangerous system vulnerabilities. They lack the expertise to protect against hackers. They lack the time to stay up to date on the ever-increasing flood of malicious viruses. They lack the resources to thoroughly test their disaster recovery plans. ĪTEGRIA will do a complete security audit to unearth hidden problems. We will recommend proven solutions to fortify your system against vulnerabilities.


Optimize efficiencies

Inefficient or outdated IT systems sap productivity. ĪTEGRIA will optimize your systems and cure your technology headaches. For RIAs, better systems mean better client service. You will have more time and more manpower to devote to your core business.

Find compliance solutions

On average, an RIA will face a compliance audit every one to three years. ĪTEGRIA stays up to date on regulatory issues. We implement IT solutions that run in compliance with your industry-specific mandates.

Safeguard security

Clients trust their RIA with sensitive financial information. There is a legal, regulatory and ethical obligation to ensure that data is 100% secure. ĪTEGRIA implements rigorous security measures to protect your sensitive information against hackers, viruses and unexpected catastrophes. We provide expert systems monitoring, up-to-date hardware and software solutions, protected offside data storage and field-tested disaster recovery plans.

Explore mobile options

In today’s financial marketplace, you need technology that will connect you both in and out of the office. Mobile systems improve productivity, speed response times and allow you to freely interact with clients while out in the field. ĪTEGRIA will keep your client contact information synchronized and set up secure mobile access to your office systems.

Provide RIA knowledgeable technical support

In the financial services sector, downtime means lost revenue and unhappy clients. So, when it comes to support, you need more than just a “tech guy.” You need specialists who understand your industry and the unique compliance issues that you face. You need rapid response times and solid results. When a client calls with a computer problem, we guarantee to answer immediately or return the call within one hour.

Conduct maintenance and monitoring

As an RIA, you monitor the markets carefully. You work to stay one step ahead of trouble and to take proactive steps to protect your clients. As your IT specialists, ĪTEGRIA protects your systems with the same dedication. We implement 24/7 systems monitoring, which instantly alerts us to any slowdown or outage. We are able to be proactive, to jump on problems at the first sign of trouble and to head them off before they become a crisis.


Provide a full-service plan

ĪTEGRIA will support every aspect of your technology infrastructure through our Total AdvisorCare™ network support plan. With all-inclusive monthly pricing, you’ll never get extra charges for site visits, system upgrades or specialist software support. With one flat fee, you enjoy expert, industry-validated solutions to your IT needs.

Field a dedicated IT team

ĪTEGRIA will assign your firm a dedicated team composed of accessible and responsive experts who exclusively support the financial services industry. That focus brings a rich depth of knowledge about the sector. Working with you, the team develops a thorough understanding of your network environment, your compliance requirements and your management goals. Whatever your problem, whatever your concern, the odds are good that we’ve seen it before and we know how to fix it.

Serve you as a strategic partner

A small- to mid-sized financial services firm has many of the same challenges as its larger competitors, but it operates with fewer resources. ĪTEGRIA levels the playing field by leveraging our wide-reaching experience with technology and compliance issues. We are strategic partners, crafting tailored solutions to serve the size of your business, your compliance needs and your business goals.


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Working with you, your dedicated ĪTEGRIA team develops a thorough understanding of your network environment, your compliance requirements and your management goals.