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Total AdvisorCloud™

You’ll never think of “cloud” the same way again. Far from soft and billowy, Total AdvisorCloud is an iron-clad solution that lets you and your RIA firm sign on to a private, protected environment anywhere you are, any time of day or night, with complete confidence.

ĪTEGRIA‘s Total AdvisorCloud is a highly-customized private cloud network that includes every technology and compliance best practice ĪTEGRIA has learned while working exclusively with RIA firms. No two private clouds look alike, just as no two RIA firms operate in exactly the same way.

With Total AdvisorCloud, all your RIA-specific applications work just as well as if they were located at your office:

  • CRM
  • Portfolio Management Systems
  • Rebalancing Software
  • Financial Planning Software
  • Accounting Systems

ĪTEGRIA routinely works with all the major RIA applications vendors and is familiar with the proper deployment, maintenance and ongoing care of these applications.

A typical deployment to Total AdvisorCloud includes a full assessment of your RIA firm’s current technology needs and functions. The review takes a look at your existing hardware, software and current hybrid systems. Then, a detailed project plan is created to take you from where you are now to the cloud solution that is right for the way your RIA firm does business.

We house all your applications, data and even email so you have instant access to essential information at all times. As with all ĪTEGRIA solutions, you get unparalleled RIA knowledgeable support, because all our cloud services are bundled with Total AdvisorCare™.



Just a quick note to thank you for your support this past year and answering the multitude of questions that seem to never end from me. It’s a pleasure to work with you both and I’m grateful for your always being there, your positive and helpful attitude and for responding to and resolving all of my technical issues (at work and at home) even when I have no idea what I’m trying to ask or resolve, most often on a Sunday night at 9:30 (!). You guys always seem to know what my problem is and what the solution is. It just amazes me. You’re two of the most pleasant and professional people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and wanted to say that I appreciate and thank you.

Nancy M. Rizzuto

Capital Strategies Investment Group LLC


1550 N. Northwest Highway, Suite 403, Park Ridge, IL 60068

We house all your applications, data and even email so you have instant access to essential information at all times.