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ĪTEGRIA™ in Action

Independence Confidence

ĪTEGRIA® is often hired by new RIA firms that are breaking away from a larger firm to go independent. In highly sensitive and confidential cases like this, ĪTEGRIA goes into action and helps set up clients from the ground up, quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

ĪTEGRIA coordinates all the technology needs of the new firm such as:

  • Arranging Internet connectivity at the new office space.
  • Verifying the low-voltage cabling and, in many cases, hiring and managing the low voltage contractors.
  • Procuring the firm’s phone system and coordinating installation.
  • Procuring, configuring and deploying the firm’s servers and workstations along with all the needed compliance-related technologies, including backup and disaster recovery methodologies.
  • Deploying all systems at client’s new office.
  • Ensuring all network functions are operational one day prior to the client leaving the previous firm.
  • Sending a coordinated email blast to all the client’s contacts and customers five minutes after the client’s resignation from the previous firm, informing them of the new firm.
  • Instructing the client’s employees about how to log into and use new systems.
  • Configuring all client’s employee phones and smart devices with passwords before connecting them to the client network structure.
  • Continuing to work with the client as their IT department to ensure a seamless transition.


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