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ĪTEGRIA™ in Action

Shelter from the Storm

In 2013, in the wake of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy, the SEC put out some guidance on steps RIA firms can and must take to protect themselves from the same type of disaster. In the process, the agency made disaster recovery a hot topic for 2013.

That same day ĪTEGRIA® received dozens of inquiries from our RIA clients asking how they would fare against the SEC guidance document. The good news? All clients currently participating in our MimicBDR™ service plan were already covered. Part of the MimicBDR process is to perform daily backups at the file, server and network level and have those backups taken off site each day. The SEC guidelines also suggested a full technology disaster recovery test should be done and documented each year in order to remain compliant with regulatory requirements. This annual DR test is performed for all clients under MimicBDR.

When clients inform us they will be going through a regulatory audit, ĪTEGRIA meets internally on behalf of our clients to determine the status of all those clients’ compliance-related technologies. We then document the current status in an IT Compliance Review Document.  We also comb through our Knowledge Base containing all the questions that have been asked of us in past client audits, and we answer those questions in the same IT Compliance Review Document.  Prior to the actual regulatory audit, we present that document to our clients so they’re as prepared possible.

Lastly, ĪTEGRIA remains ready and available to participate in the regulatory audit as much or as little requested by the client to answer any IT-related questions that may arise.

MimicBDR is a process that is bundled in the Total AdvisorCare™ Service Plan.


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