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Why Cisco’s Latest Acquisition Reinforces the Promise ITEGRIA Makes its Customers

Cisco, the networking giant, has announced that the company is buying cloud-based security company OpenDNS for $635 Million. Why that might not mean anything to you at first glance, the reason why they acquired the cloud-based security company reinforces why ĪTEGRIA® uses OpenDNS to secure its Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) clients.

For background, OpenDNS, founded in 2006, maintains a network of domain name servers to help route Web traffic. However, recently the company shifted its strategy to stress security services based on its network. OpenDNS has said its services can help block computer attacks from particular Internet domains and can encrypt Web traffic in ways that limit eavesdropping and other threats. In today’s environment of large cyber attacks and data security breaches, this is a pretty powerful solution.

Hilton Romanski, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Cisco, shares the strategy behind the acquisition in his blog post:

“The acquisition will extend our ability to provide customers enhanced visibility and threat protection for unmonitored and potentially unsecure entry points into the network, and to quickly and efficiently deploy and integrate these capabilities as part of their defense architecture.”

David Goeckeler, Cisco’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Security Business Group, said the Internet traffic that OpenDNS monitors would help his company detect and respond to security threats much more effectively.

So, Cisco sees tremendous security value in a product that ITEGRIA has been using to secure your local or cloud-based network. That’s right, we have been using OpenDNS to help secure our RIA clients’ technology infrastructure because we understand the tremendous risks financial advisory companies are under when it comes to protecting their clients’ data and their firm’s reputation.

The OpenDNS product has been adding a layer of defensive measures to the ITEGRIA Cloud and TotalAdvisor Secure product offering for a while now. We pride ourselves on being “plugged in” to the InfoSec Community and Industry which allows us to stay ahead of the curve with new and emerging defensive and reactive technologies. We constantly are vetting out the latest and greatest technologies so that we can deploy best of breed and truly innovative solutions into our products; at times even before they become known market players in their category.

If you have any questions on how best to secure your firm’s IT infrastructure, give us a call at 888-996-4642. We’re happy to help.

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