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A Cybersecurity Solution RIAs can Use to Securely Boost Productivity

By now you have seen the news on the Senate hearing with the former CEO of Equifax, the credit bureau that was hacked with an historic data breach that allowed 145.5 million Americans to have their personal financial history made public. The CEO blamed one employee for the disaster. One employee who forgot to update or install a patch to one of Equifax’s portals that allowed hackers to breach their security, destroy their reputation, and put their clients’ and non-clients’ personal data at risk.

Then to make matters even worse, soon after, the head of the SEC acknowledged a hack of the commission’s EDGAR electronic filing system and is urging advisors and other regulated firms to redouble their efforts to mitigate cyber risks.

The SEC issued a Statement on Cybersecurity last month saying:

“…the scope and severity of risks that cyber threats present have increased dramatically, and constant vigilance is required to protect against intrusions.“

This is scary news for all businesses but particularly any that safeguard their clients’ financial information. If a company who safeguards consumer financial information and the SEC are vulnerable to attacks, who is safe?

How confident are you that your Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm’s data and your client’s financial data are secure? Is this keeping you up at night?

It doesn’t have to.

You don’t need to hire a large IT staff to closely monitor your network infrastructure. You don’t need to call all of your advisors into the office to stay off of wireless systems. You don’t need to invest in new apps and devices to remain productive but with tighter security safeguards.

What you do need is a solution that protects your firm and your clients’ data while still allowing you to service customers’ needs and grow.

For example, our Total AdvisorCloud™ Virtual Desktop Solution is a 100% cloud-based infrastructure environment delivered through a familiar desktop experience (Windows 10 interface) giving your employees virtual desktops with mobility, flexibility, continuity, and most importantly security to allow your business to remain productive and service customers effectively.

The other thing you need is to educate your people on cybersecurity threats and best practices. We can help with that too. Check out our articles on cybersecurity best practices.

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You can focus on doing what you do best and sleep easier at night. Really. Give us a call at 224-563-3602. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our cloud-based IT solutions or best practices in cybersecurity to protect your RIA firm. We only serve RIA firms so we understand your needs and challenges best.