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Why Choose ĪTEGRIA®?

Because RIA system security is all we do, we go deeper than other partners, offering targeted services and solutions that protect your business in multiple and diverse ways.


1: Maintain Technology Compliance

The U.S. Financial services industry staggers under the weight of nearly 270,000 laws, regulations, related penalties and advisory documents. A small- or mid-sized financial services firm works under the same regulatory framework as a large one. Its technology must withstand the same regulatory scrutiny.

2: Avoid Fines

Investment advisors can expect to be audited every one to three years. It is imperative that advisors be completely up to date and in full compliance with all of their technology. Regulators levy heavy fines for infractions.

3: Protect Your Reputation

Compliance problems go on a company’s public record. The SEC and Central Registration Depository maintain searchable databases of all registered advisors. If technology or data security fails a compliance audit, then current clients, prospective clients and competitors will know.

4: Safeguard Data

You must have a solid, well thought out, tested, reliable plan to protect your clients’ sensitive financial information. If clients cannot trust you with their data, why should they trust you with their financial future?

5: Guard Against Hackers

Financial services is the industry most targeted by hackers. Small firms are particularly vulnerable. 66% of small businesses don’t have a security plan in place and 47% of businesses have lost confidential data due to deliberate theft. Compromised data translates into significant business losses. The average cost per incident now runs into the millions.

6: Prevent Viruses

Computer viruses can cause disruption and disaster. Anti-virus software helps, but it does’t keep pace with the growing number of threats. You need expert support.

7: Implement a Reliable Disaster Plan

Most small to midsize businesses have no recovery plan in the event of a network outage, data loss, or other IT disasters. Among those who do have a plan, over half have never conducted a disaster recovery simulation. In a real-life disaster situation, most plans are missing some critical sections or details.

8: Operate Efficiently

Technology can make or break a financial services business. Inefficient systems suck up manpower and delay response time to clients and markets.

9: Stay Current

We live in a mobile world with the expectation of instant information. If an advisor is not up to date on technology, clients will notice.

10: Compete Effectively

The market is flooded with professionals giving financial advice. You need robust technology and efficient communications to give your business a polished image and a competitive edge.

11: End Frustrations

93% of small business owners are unhappy with their process efficiency. Are you one of them? Technology doesn’t have to be part of the problem. It can be part of the solution.

12: Serve Clients

You need good technology to be a good advisor. Healthy IT systems support the efficient flow of information. They allow faster response time to markets and to clients.

13: Build Trust

To be a trustworthy business, you must have trustworthy IT systems. You must make your clients feel safe with reliable technology, accessible lines of communication and secure data storage.

14: Get Expert Solutions and Support

A technology problem can grind your business to a halt. You don’t have the time to fix computer snafus or to wade through the red tape of technology related compliance questions.

15: Be Mobile

You can’t stay tethered to your desk. Your clients and your life demand the freedom to stay on the move.



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Because RIA system security is all we do, we go deeper than other partners, offering targeted services and solutions that protect your business in multiple and diverse ways.