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Total AdvisorCloud™

You’ll never think of “cloud” the same way again. Far from soft and billowy, Total AdvisorCloud is a solid solution that lets you and your RIA staff sign on to a private, protected environment to access applications, data and email securely—anywhere, any time.

Because no two RIA firms are alike, ĪTEGRIA®‘s Total AdvisorCloud is as highly customized as it is private. It includes every technology and compliance best practice ĪTEGRIA has learned while working exclusively with RIA firms. Our immersion in the RIA field also means we are adept at assessing your current needs, developing and deploying your unique project plan, as well as maintaining all RIA-related applications.

With Total AdvisorCloud, all your RIA-specific applications work just as well as if they were located at your office, including:

  • CRM
  • Portfolio Management Systems
  • Rebalancing Software
  • Financial Planning Software
  • Accounting Systems

We house all your applications, data and even email so you have instant access to essential information at all times. As with all ĪTEGRIA solutions, you get unparalleled RIA knowledgeable support, because all our cloud services are bundled with Total AdvisorCare™.


Total AdvisorCloudVirtual Desktop Infrastructure (TAC VDI) is a leading-edge,100% cloud-based network infrastructure technology delivered through a familiar desktop experience, enabling fully personalized virtual desktops for each of your employees, with all the security and simplicity of centralized management for your firm.

ITEGRIA Total AdvisorCloud™ VDI Diagram

Total AdvisorCloud VDI Benefits

  • Your firm’s data is hosted on a private, secure, compliant cloud network.
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere on virtually any device (PC, Macbook, iPad, Android, Chromebook, etc.), so your team members aren’t tied to a specific location or device.
  • Your employees have a consistent user experience whether they access their environment from the office, home, or anywhere remotely.
  • Data no longer resides on any physical devices. If you do not have access to your office or a true disaster occurs, you can continue to service your clients seamlessly. Users can securely access all data remotely in the same fashion as they do within the office.
  • Robust defense tools such as multi-factor authentication, internet web content filtering, and vulnerability management ensure that Cybersecurity is top priority.
  • Data can only be accessed within the secure, compliant Total AdvisorCloud platform. Physical devices are “dummy terminals” and do not maintain any data at all.

Frequently Asked Questions about TAC VDI

Where will my data be? Your company tools, applications and files will reside in our highly resilient, redundant, compliant and secure data centers. No tools or data are installed on your PCs.

Do we need servers for anything if we move to the cloud? No, Total AdvisorCloud completely eliminates the need for physical servers.

How will my data be secured? ĪTEGRIA implements a rigorous vulnerability management program — as well as many defense technologies such as multifactor authentication, antivirus, web content filtering, etc. — to ensure that your client information is always secure.

How can my team access company data? Your team can access all of your company tools, applications and files from any location, as long as they have a device and a reliable internet connection. The user experience will be the same, no matter what device they use.

What devices can we use to access data? Your employees can use a Windows PC, Mac iOS, iPad, Android device, Chromebook, or virtually any other device to access their Total AdvisorCloud network. Regardless of what device is used, they will see the same exact platform.

How do we scale our cloud network as my company grows? Scaling your network is simple, quick, and efficient with ĪTEGRIA‘s Total AdvisorCloud VDI. A virtual workstation will be created for each new employee, which will include the user access and rights that your firm assigns to them, as well as all the tools/applications they should have access to and they are ready to begin servicing your clients.

What happens if there is a disaster? In the event of a disaster at your office, there is no impact whatsoever to your ability to service clients. As long as your employees have a safe location with a device and a reliable internet connection, they can access all of your company tools, applications and files that they normally do in the office.

How do we show auditors that our cloud network is compliant? ĪTEGRIA provides technology-related compliance reports and documentation to ensure that your firm can always demonstrate that you are meeting regulatory requirements. In the event of an audit, ĪTEGRIA is by your side, supporting you with any additional document requests and answering questions for auditors, relative to your technology environment.

Download our Total AdvisorCloud VDI brochure here (PDF)

To learn more about AdvisorCloud and how it can better protect your firm, give us a call at 888-996-4642. We are happy to answer your questions. We only serve RIA firms, so we have designed our solutions to meet the complexities of the financial industry.


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We house all your applications, data and even email so you have instant access to essential information at all times, from almost any device.


ĪTEGRIA team, Just a quick note to thank you for your support this past year and answering the multitude of questions that seem to never end from me. It’s a pleasure to work with you and I’m grateful for your always being there, your positive and helpful attitude and for responding to and resolving all of my technical issues (at work and at home) even when I have no idea what I’m trying to ask or resolve, most often on a Sunday night at 9:30 (!). You guys always seem to know what my problem is and what the solution is. It just amazes me. You’re some of the most pleasant and professional people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and wanted to say that I appreciate and thank you.

Nancy M. Rizzuto

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