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Total AdvisorSecure™

Your most dangerous system vulnerabilities are almost hidden well out of sight. Through Total AdvisorSecure, ĪTEGRIA® shines light on the weaknesses that lie deep within your technology.

Our Total AdvisorSecure Solution was designed as the perfect add-on service to our Total AdvisorCare™ Support Plan to help protect our customers from cyber threats. How? With Total AdvisorSecure, we go beyond reacting to threats to proactively work with you to design a robust Security RoadMap™ that is unique to your firm. Our experts are not only the best in the business when it comes to cyber security but we also know the unique challenges you face protecting your firm and your clients’ valuable data, as well as complying with SEC mandates. Total AdvisorSecure is like having a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) at hand to provide you with the strategic guidance needed which will help you sleep better at night knowing your firm is protected.

But the strategy is only a portion of the value Total AdvisorSecure offers. Information, constant monitoring, and analysis are instrumental to protecting your firm from cyber attacks. Using a suite of robust tools, we can scan your system to identify risks and vulnerabilities, pinpointing all the weaknesses that could leave you at risk for malicious and criminal behavior that could compromise your and your clients’ most sensitive information. The results of all these assessments allow ĪTEGRIA to make recommendations, changes and upgrades to your IT infrastructure that ensure your defenses are as sturdy and sophisticated as possible. Coupled with our Total AdvisorCare Support Plan, our diagnostic tools and analysis creates an active threat remediation process.

Learn how Total AdvisorSecure™ allows us to help RIA firms understand and mitigate their information and technological risk, as well as manage ongoing risk.

Total AdvisorSecure allows us to help clients understand and mitigate their information and technological risk using a combination of best-in-class technology tools:

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning: Following a comprehensive, one-time battery of tests, we follow up with monthly scanning to identify any new issues. We identify areas of opportunity to improve security. We help you analyze the data by prioritizing risks and recommending action.

DNS Scanning: We identify, track and block bad or suspicious URLs to deny unprotected access in or out of your system.

Active Defense Anti-Virus or Malware Scanning: We will deploy our evolving suite of Active Malware Defense tools to mitigate and prevent a large percentage of Internet-based malicious software that can shut down your system or create a gateway for attackers to access sensitive data.

Two Factor Authentication: To give your system an extra layer of protection, we will deploy a multi-factor authentication methodology to all workstations and servers. This will require employees and administrators to log in using a username/password as well as a token authentication, like a fingerprint swipe or an extra PIN number or pattern.


Virtual CISO

Total AdvisorSecure allows our clients to go back to focusing on their core business, spending their valuable time offering exceptional financial services. We understand how hard it is to keep up with new threats, risks or even SEC compliance mandates which change constantly. Let us spend the time and apply our expertise to help you understand which cyber security news-bites are relevant to your firm and which are just noise. Let ĪTEGRIA be your Virtual CISO offering you the strategic guidance to know when and how to act to best protect your firm, creating a Security RoadMap specifically designed to meet your security policies. As you may have a CFO to keep an eye on your books, we can serve as your Virtual CISO, proactively working with you on planning and recommendations for secure computing and systems expansion, especially as your company grows and has more complex needs.

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

Leverage our expertise as we fire up our vulnerability scanners and examine your network for known vulnerabilities or misconfigurations on an ongoing basis. ĪTEGRIA will work with you to find the optimum scanning schedule to keep your security baseline relevant and up-to-date. Any findings will be enumerated, reviewed and reported in your monthly dashboard. We will work with you to rank and recommend actions based on your corporation’s security posture and needs.

Reaction to Findings

Running a scan is a task that takes does some time and resources, but the real value in protecting your firm comes from interpreting the results and weeding through false positives and misclassifications. An untrained individual could get lost in the data, causing you to spend valuable resources fixing the wrong issues. With Total AdvisorSecure, you can rest easy and know that expertly trained eyes are reviewing your findings, interpreting and prioritizing the risks to create a remediation plan to reduce vulnerabilities. All to help you take the right actions at the right time to better protect your firm.

Compensating Controls

We live in an ever-changing threat landscape. What was a completely patched and secure application yesterday can be vulnerable to elicit “0-Day” vulnerabilities today. Software manufacturers work quickly to address new vulnerabilities but they need time. With no patches available to fix a problem, creative compensating controls may need to be considered to limit the risks until vendor patches are made public. ĪTEGRIA has the expertise to identify the need and create “work arounds” to keep your network protected.

To learn more about Total AdvisorSecure and how it can better protect your firm, give us a call at 888-996-4642. We are happy to answer your questions. We only serve RIA firms, so we understand the complexities of your industry and know how to help you protect your business and your firm’s reputation.

NOTE: Total AdvisorSecure was designed to uniquely enhance our Total AdvisorCare Support Plan. At this time, it is only available to Total Advisor Care customers. If you are not a Total AdvisorCare customer, take a look at our AdvisorGuard™ solution.


You were a huge hit at The Athena Group meeting. You helped elevate the group’s understanding of the risks we face today with cybersecurity. You have been such a great strategic partner to me and my firm. Thank you so much for taking your time to help our industry!

Sue Stevens

CEO, Stevens Wealth Management


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Total AdvisorSecure™ provides your RIA firm with a set of tools as well as access to a Virtual CISO, giving you strategic guidance to create a robust Security RoadMap uniquely designed for your security policies. Bottom line: it means peace of mind, knowing your firms’ data and reputation are protected.